Procurement rules give business owners a fair chance to compete for contracts

From our Brussels office we have been advising and litigating on all facets of procurement law for 20 years. Our clients are the central government and decentralised public authorities, public law institutions and medium and large enterprises. We can advise and assist you on:

  • The obligation to tender and the corresponding procedures, such as European or national invitations to tender and multiple private tendering.
  • Exceptions to the (normal) obligation to tender: examples may include internal procurement, Public-Public partnerships and concessions.
  • Legal review of the tender documentation: for contracting authorities and tenderers.
  • Opportunities for tenderers to correct errors in their bids: when is the contracting authority obliged to let a tenderer correct its mistake?
  • Area development: together with our Construction & Real Estate and Regulatory and Governmental Affairs practice groups we can offer you full legal support.
  • Public procurement and State aid: 

    - Organising a tendering procedure does not mean that there can be no State aid.
- In privatisation and land transactions the rules on State aid may require that an independent bidding process be organised.

    - Is one of the tenderers receiving unauthorised State aid, meaning that it can submit a better bid than its competitors? How do you deal with this?

The public procurement team is led by Pieter Kuypers, who is also Professor of European and National Public Procurement Law at Radboud University Nijmegen and a member of the Dutch Public Procurement Experts Committee

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