Our lawyers have every aspect of general and specific administrative law at their fingertips.

We advise and litigate on behalf of the public sector and semi-public institutions as well as on behalf of companies.

A full-service firm, AKD is able to muster all the expertise needed to tackle every administrative dispute imaginable, ranging from local and provincial government law to water authorities legislation, from tax law and administrative fines to obligations to tolerate, and from orders subject to penalties and administrative coercion to municipal measures in the social domain. Our lawyers have every aspect of general and specific administrative law at their fingertips.

While general administrative law is the general springboard for many cases, each of our lawyers works from a specialist niche. For example, we have lawyers specialising in economic administrative law, the issues surrounding "scarce permits” or municipal cooperation and redivision. Contracting with the public sector, at the interface between contract law and administrative law, is a special area of attention at AKD.

Our wealth of expertise enables us to handle the largest and most complex cases while offering top quality. Our lawyers keep up with developments and enhance their specialist knowledge all the time, regularly publishing articles in scientific and other journals or acting as editors of professional publications. We are regularly invited as keynote speakers or guest lecturers at seminars and conferences.

In addition, some of our lawyers hold professorial chairs or other positions at universities. Although our scientific endeavours guarantee we provide services at the highest level, we are always mindful of your need for clear, concrete and practical counsel. No needlessly long and theoretical analyses, but brief, transparent and pragmatic recommendations.

We understand your interests and apply a result-oriented approach to achieve your objectives. This approach is reflected in our advice, in our statements of case and the way we represent you in court. Our lawyers frequent the administrative law divisions of the Dutch courts and appeals tribunals. They are eminently positioned to know which approach offers the best guarantee for results.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our administrative law experts if you need more information on our services or wish to discuss a matter with one of our experts

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