A new spate of rulings and decisions is handed down almost on a daily basis.

AKD's Food & Agribusiness team comprises lawyers specialising in sector-specific regulation, such as food law, and in various areas of the law that have a direct or indirect link with the Food & Agribusiness sector. These include administrative law, intellectual property law, advertising law, the law of obligations, and EU and competition law. Our specialists combine a thorough knowledge of sector-specific regulation with many years of experience and a true understanding of the industry.

AKD's Food & Agribusiness expertise covers a wide range of areas:

  • Supervision and enforcement by national authorities, such as the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority;
  • Legal proceedings in civil and administrative courts, taking on national authorities, suppliers, customers and competitors; Arbitration and industry appeal boards, such as the Advertising Code Committee;
  • Regulatory, including the Commodities Act, additives, labelling, medical claims, food claims, health claims, beauty claims, and more;
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts, such as R&D agreements, material transfer agreements, licensing agreements, manufacture and supply contracts, distribution, franchise and agency agreements, etc.;
  • Product liability and recalls;
  • Advertising law;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • EU and competition law.

Cross-border expertise
AKD boasts specialists working from backgrounds in Dutch, Belgian or Luxembourg law. In addition to maintaining close contacts with Food & Agribusiness lawyers from other jurisdictions, AKD is part of the Interlaw network. Interlaw is a global network of pre-eminent independent law firms based in over 125 cities around the world, enabling us to offer you specialist legal advice in any jurisdiction. 

Our clients are companies operating nationally and internationally. They include ingredients suppliers, food and food supplements manufacturers, feed producers, food wholesalers, manufacturers machinery and equipment for use in the food & agribusiness industry and other entrepreneurs in this industry.

For more information or questions, please contact Barbara Mutsaers.

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