Environmental law is important in the context of the climate agreement and the energy transition.

Environmental law comprises several sub-disciplines, such as spatial planning and the environment and related aspects such as noise, external safety, emissions, water, waste, nature protection and soil pollution. It plays a key role in area development, infrastructural projects, energy projects such as wind and solar parks, and other spatial developments. Environmental law is also very important in the context of the implementation of the Dutch national climate agreement and the energy transition.

Our expertise
AKD’s extensive knowledge in the field of environmental law goes back a long way. During the deliberations leading up to the final design of the Environment and Planning Act, our specialists lead the way, for example by advising the Lower House of Parliament. This Act is set to turn the system of environmental law completely on its head. Following developments closely, AKD’s large team of specialists can assist you in all aspects of environmental law.

Our clients
Our clients include (semi-)public institutions, project developers, housing associations and companies.

Our work
Our specialists are called upon to advise on virtually all aspects of environmental law, including the realisation of glasshouse horticultural areas, residential areas, (regional) business parks and infrastructural projects. We will gladly assist you in matters such as zoning plans, environmental permits, exploitation plans, provincial integration plans and route decisions.

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