Bankruptcies Veldhoven International B.V. and subsidiaries (Sandwich)

November 27, 2019 | News

On 26 November 2019, the District Courts of Amsterdam and The Hague declared bankrupt [faillissement] the following companies: Veldhoven International B.V., Veldhoven Studio Amsterdam B.V., Veldhoven Logistic Services B.V. and Veldhoven The Netherlands B.V. Aforementioned companies exploit the ‘Sandwich’ clothing brand in The Netherlands and Germany through self-operated brand stores and third-party operated franchise businesses.

Bankruptcy trustees

AKD insolvency specialists Barend de Roy van Zuidewijn and Thijs Hekman are appointed as bankruptcy trustees [curatoren] of the aforementioned companies.

The bankruptcy trustees are currently assessing the situation before them in consultation with the relevant concerned parties. At the same time the bankruptcy trustees are also diligently exploring the possibilities for a takeover of the businesses. Any interested parties are invited to contact the bankruptcy trustees directly.

Pending the assessment and decision of the bankruptcy trustees whether or not to (temporarily) continue the business, the stores are, until further notice, open for business. The concerned parties will be informed as soon as possible on the consequences of the bankruptcies.


The bankruptcy trustees are, or will in the short term be, in contact with relevant (Dutch and German) public authorities relating to the consequences of the employees. The employees of the bankrupt companies will be informed separately.

The bankruptcy trustees will publish a ‘Q&A’ document for employees shortly. In the meantime, general information on the consequences for employees of a Dutch bankruptcy can for instance be obtained through UWV (for Dutch workers only).

Franchise operators

Please note that the fact that aforementioned companies are declared bankrupt does not (necessarily) entail that related companies or companies operating ‘Sandwich’ stores on the basis of franchise / consignation agreements are also declared bankrupt.  The bankruptcy trustees are currently assessing the consequences of the bankruptcies for these companies who will be informed as soon as possible.

Situation outside of The Netherlands and Germany

At this time, the bankruptcies do not appear to have a direct effect on ‘Sandwich’ businesses operated in other countries (including the web shop).

Cooling-off period

The bankruptcy trustees have requested a cooling-off period [afkoelingsperiode] which was subsequently ordered by the District Court Amsterdam on 26 November 2019 (relating to Veldhoven International B.V.) and by the District Court of The Hague on 27 November (relating to the remaining bankrupt companies) for an initial period of two months. As a result, during this period third parties are temporarily not allowed to collect their property located at the bankrupt companies to enable the bankruptcy trustees to assess the situation properly.


Creditors of the bankrupt companies can file their claims against the relevant bankrupt company through the links below. Please make sure to upload documentation from which the claim can be verified. Also notify the bankruptcy trustees of the (possible) existence of creditor’s rights.

File a claim in the bankruptcy of:


Except for parties interested in a possible takeover of the business, all other concerned parties (including employees, creditors, contracting parties, suppliers, press/media) are requested to use the following e-mail address for communication in relation to the bankruptcies:

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