About Winfried van den Muijsenbergh

Winfried van den Muijsenbergh is a partner and corporate attorney-at-law who specialises in company law, with an emphasis on corporate litigation, (international) arbitrations, company law advice (corporate governance) and joint ventures.

Winfried has litigated for more than 35 years in the Netherlands and elsewhere. The proceedings he has been involved in included inquiry procedures before the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam, mainly with regard to takeover, shareholder and joint venture disputes.

Winfried is also a lecturer in dispute proceedings at the Law Firm School and the Grotius specialist study programme in company and corporate law. He is also a visiting professor at the LL.M. Programme of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, the United States and at the University of Hainan in China.

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  • Leiden University: Law
Admitted to bar
  • The Netherlands
  • National Resources Comittee
  • Union Internationale des Avocats
  • International Bar Association
  • Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana
  • Stichting Nederland Sultanaat van Oman
  • Stichting Leerstoel Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said
  • Raad van Toezicht van het Center for International Legal Cooperation
Legal practice areas the Netherlands Bar’s register

Winfried van den Muijsenbergh has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):


  • Corporate law
  • Civil procedural law


Based on this registration, Winfried is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.